A few of the many things that Michiana Home Watch (MHW) looks for:

    - Break-ins         -Water Leaks              -Electrical Problems            -Pests/Insects                -Storm Damage



  • Walk exterior of property, checking grounds, landscaping, roof, gutters, siding (wood, vinyl, aluminum, brick, stone, etc.) windows, doors, lighting, A/C units, fences, mailbox

  • Check pool and spa (if applicable)

  • Check for signs of vandalism or unlawful entry

  • Remove any junk mail/flyers from mailbox or entry doors

  • Check for any drainage issues

  • Check for any pest presence (insects, animals, etc.)

  • Monitor snow removal

  • Check for hazardous snow drifting (HVAC venting, roof issues, etc.)

  • Check status of emergency back-up generator (if applicable)

  • Check any outbuildings for issues/damages/vandalism

Frequency of Service


  • Weekly, bi-weekly & tri-monthly (every 10 days) service schedules available

    • A customized schedule can be created to meet your needs​​
  • In extreme cold, daily or every other day service is available upon request for an additional charge​

  • Services can be stopped and re-started as necessary​

  • There is an additional fee for emergency visits

A standard checklist is used for every home watch. Additions can be made for specific customer requests or concerns.
After each home check, the homeowner is given a status update. If issues are identified, an action plan is created.



  • Complete walk-through of home's interior (Look, Listen, Feel)

  • ​The following items will be checked:

    • Windows and doors​

    • Signs of vandalism

    • Water leaks

    • Temperature and humidity (check thermostat  settings)

    • HVAC filters (change as needed)

    • Electrical panel for tripped breakers

    • Smoke/fire detectors

    • Water heater

    • Water softener (manually regenerate to prevent brine tank bridging and add salt as needed)

    • Any signs of moisture and/or mold

    • Any pest presence

    • Interior surface finishes (walls, ceilings, floors)

    • Check appliances and garbage disposal

    • Run water and check for leaks at all plumbing fixtures

    • Alarm system check

Service Areas-Michigan Counties


  • Berrien

  • Cass 

  • Van Buren

  • And Surrounding Counties

Service Areas-Indiana Counties


  • Elkhart

  • St. Joseph

  • LaPorte

  • And Surrounding Counties