Rental services

Michiana Home Watch wants to help property owners who operate vacation rental properties by maintaining the property to the highest levels possible so that the guests are happy, comfortable and return time and time again.

MHW has the solutions to manage your property and will assist with turning over a vacation rental to prepare the space for the next occupant so that it is fresh, clean and inviting. 

By having a well-maintained and well-kept vacation rental, you will see repeat customers and be able to fetch top dollar fees.

- Air bed & breakfast

- Vacation Rental by owner   

- short-term rental

We Check for:

- Safety Hazards
- Mechanical System Issues
- Insects/Pests
- Property Damage
- Appliance Operation


- Point of Contact
- Check-In/Check-Out
- Cleaning
- Change/Wash Linens
- General Maintenance
- Home Inventory

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